The immune system in human life

The immune system plays a big role in your body, the main function is to protect the body from viruses and bacteria that enter the body.

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Today we will talk about the human immune system, what it is and how to strengthen it.

When the immune system fails, a person becomes ill, and this leads to various types of infectious diseases (for example, influenza, etc.).

Let’s talk about what role does the immune system play in a person’s life?

The immune system in human life

The fact is that our immune system unites our organs and tissues while protecting them from harmful cells and substances entering the body.

The immune system is: central and peripheral.

Human immunity is developed in the central organs of our immunity. For example, the bone marrow, which does not have mature cells , can also eventually turn into other vital cells necessary in the human body, the lymph nodes have a clear liquid that protects our body from viruses. When a person becomes ill, the lymph nodes begin to enlarge and become more painful.


The immune system is both natural and artificial.

In the natural form of the immune system, a person has suffered this disease (for example, angina, acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory infections), and in the artificial form, a person becomes ill after vaccination vaccines (for example, the flu vaccine, etc.).

Factors that weaken the immune system and reduce the production of protective cells:

— Bad habits;
— Poor environmental conditions; 
— Inactivity; — Poor nutrition; 
— Uncontrolled use of antibiotics.

Due to these factors, the likelihood of allergic manifestations and cellular mutations increases.


How to strengthen the human immune system in the season of colds

Before you strengthen your immune system, you must adhere to the following rules:

— Lead a healthy lifestyle (sports, active lifestyle); 
— The diet should contain vitamins and probiotics. They form the intestinal microflora; 
— Sleep mode should be 8 hours a day; 
— Drink water daily so that there is no dehydration of the body (about 1.5 liters);

So that the immune system does not weaken during diseases, a person raises his immune system with the help of fruits and vegetables, thanks to these products rich in vitamins, the human immune system is restored naturally.

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The immune system in human life

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This article was written about the human immune system and what rules you still need to adhere to in order to strengthen your health. And also what foods can strengthen, raise and restore your body in the season of colds.