MAXMASTERS-2021: May, Crete, Greece

From 23 to 30 May 2021, the island of Crete will host the event for the Masters of Greenway — MAXMASTERS-2021!

MAXMASTERS-2021: May, Crete, Greece

Terms of travel to Greece on MAXMASTERS-2021

Partners who have completed the Master or higher qualification in one of the periods — “November 2020”, “December 2020”, “January 2021”, “February 2021” — will have the opportunity to visit colorful Greece and plunge into its amazing history.

Partners who have fulfilled the conditions of the promo can pay for the trip at their own expense or at the expense of the Travel bonus.

Partners have the opportunity to visit the island of Crete for free — as a gift from the Company.**per Agreement participant

To do this, you must meet the following conditions of the promo for MAXMASTERS-2021:

  • For new GM periods “November 2020”, “December 2020”, “January 2021”, “February 2021” (partners who have never completed the GM qualification or higher before the period “October 2020” inclusive) — complete the M qualification in the periods “December 2020”, “January 2021”, “February 2021” and open the GM qualification in any of the periods “November 2020”, “December 2020”, “January 2021”, “February 2021”.
  • For GM up to and including the” October 2020 “period (partners who have completed the GM qualification or higher in any of the periods up to and including the” October 2020” period and who have a rank not higher than GM in the “October 2020” period) — complete the GM qualification or higher in any TWO periods of the “November 2020”, “December 2020”, “January 2021”, “February 2021” periods, have a qualification not lower than M in each of the “November 2020”, “December 2020”, “January 2021”, “February 2021”periods.
  • For closed GM1, GM2, GM3, GM5 (partners who have the title GM1, GM2, GM3 or GM5 in the period “October 2020”), you must have a qualification of at least GM in any three periods of the periods “November 2020”, “December 2020”, “January 2021”, “February 2021” and perform a qualification of at least “October 2020” in any of the periods “November 2020”, “December 2020”, “January 2021”, “February 2021”.

Please note!

Partners who have previously fulfilled the promo conditions “Crete as a gift” and those who did not use it in the UAE can receive “MAXMASTERS-2021 CRETE” as a gift if the conditions for participation in this promo are met.

SOURCE: official Greenway website