— What is proper nutrition? And does it really exist?
— Why is it that what is useful to one person is not useful to another?
— Do you know what your body needs?

Online conference about health — Transformation 1.0

February 12 free online conference from the best event in the field of healthy lifestyle — the international festival of healthy lifestyle and sports SN PRO EXPO FORUM. Leading nutritionists, nutritionists, geneticists and biohackers of the country will reveal the whole truth about human nutrition of the XXI century and answer your questions! Don’t miss it! Just one day for a complete reboot of knowledge!


Conference program:


10:00 — genetic testing as a tool for biohacking, nutrition and healthy lifestyle in the seminar of Mikhail Zabotin, head of the medical training Department of the Basis Genomic Group, endocrinologist, nutritionist, doctor of personalized medicine, member of the Russian Academy of Endocrinologists (RAE).

11:00 - indicators of poor nutrition and how to identify them in a lecture by nutritionist, expert teacher and member of the Association of Fitness Professionals (FPA) Yulia Popova.

12:00 — Nikita Metelitsa, biohacker, founder of the Russian Institute of Biohacking and Health, integral coach, best VEG blogger 2020 according to the Live Organic Awards, will talk about the psychology of nutrition and the myths of dietetics, as well as about the features and illusions in choosing diets



14:00 — product compatibility and individual intolerance in the seminar of the dietitian and pediatrician, speaker of the Evotren company Irina Erofeevskaya.

15:00 — Anton Krasavin, the founder of the Smarteat nutrition plan creation service, will tell you about all the nuances of making an individual diet.

16:00 — filling in the missing elements in the body with supplements in the lectures of a sports nutritionist, a nutrigenetic doctor, a pharmacist, the creator and chief geneticist of a genetic laboratory, the official nutritionist of Optimum Nutrition, co-founder and one of the leading experts of the online school Sport Nutrition Academy Andrey Zolotarev.


Moderator of the conference:

Valeria Barinova — editor of the “Lifestyle " section of the popular sports portal


Date — 12 February 2021

Time— 10:00-18:00


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