Hello, readers!

My name is Sergey and I am a partner of the Greenway company.

I want to tell you a little about my biography and how I came to online business and companies engaged in development through the MLM strategy.

In 2000, I graduated from high school in the Ryazan region. After school, I entered the Ryazan railway college, where I studied for 4 years and received the specialty of a railway worker. Although the diploma was not useful to me in my whole life.

From 2004 to 2006 I served military service in the ranks of the Presidential Regiment and in the fall of 2006 I entered the University. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography, Department of Environmental Management, I am a geoecologist by profession.

In 2012, I successfully graduated from the institute and started working directly as an ecologist. I worked for 3 years in environmental research, went on different business trips, which I remember with pleasure years later.

And after three years of research I got into exhibition activities, which I still do today — organizing professional exhibitions, conferences and online events.By the way, for several years now I have been a member of the team of organizers of the international festival of sports and healthy lifestyle.

We have a lot of athletes and healthy people who take care of their body.

  • For those who are tired of going to work they don’t like ;
  • For those who are tired of low wages ;
  • For those who are looking for additional income;
  • For those who decided to build their own business on the Internet, they do not know what;
  • For those who want to work remotely and for themselves;
  • For those who want to travel and have everything they want.

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