Involver Cleaning Disk review

Review-review of the Involver cleaning disk.

Hello, readers!

Today on the review of the cleaning disk “Involver” AQUAmagic Ultra. This is a product from the Aquamagic line-home cleaning products.

As practice and many publications on the Internet show, many housewives and not only them, are sensitive to detergents and cleaning products for cleaning their homes, some even become fans of cleanliness and like to experiment and try different interesting things.

So the Involver cleaning disk is great for creating cleanliness in the house and there are quite a lot of ways to use it.

Let’s take a closer look at this disk.


Beautifully packaged; convenient to use; cleans dishes, sink, shoes; convenient to use; pleasant to the touch; comfortable to hold.


It may not be able to cope with heavy pollution.

The first thing you pay attention to when you see a disk in front of you is its packaging. She’s really captivating!

Not every cleaning product is packed in such a nice package. Medium-density cardboard with a black coating. On the front side there is a glossy quardratic with the name “ULTRA ‘on the disk’Involver”.

Упаковка чистящего диска Инволвер
Обратная сторона упаковки чистящего диска Инволвер

Inside the box is the disk itself and instructions for use and care for it, and this can not but rejoice, since not every such cleaning and detergent has instructions for use.

Чистящий диск Инволвер рядом с упаковкой
Чистящий диск Инволвер и  инструкция

The Involver disk is made of dissected microfibre and is made in blue color, to the touch-quite dense, with a thickness of about 1 cm. The edges are sewn with synthetic thread, in several layers. The seam is more than even, I had no comments. The purchase on the thread did not spread, as they wrote in other reviews that I read on the Internet.

Everything is done really well, it’s even nice to hold in your hands.

Чистящий диск Инволвер вид сбоку
Чистящий диск Инволвер внешний вид

How the disk Involver works?

Since the disc is made of dissected microfibre, it absorbs dirt and water much better than cloth rags and sponges. Also, the disk does not leave traces after application and this can not but rejoice.

Contaminated fabric surfaces can be lightly moistened with spray water before cleaning and then rubbed with a disc, only without fanaticism, so as not to spoil the thing. You can even add and dissolve one universal plate in the spray water.

The Involver disc also works well together with BIOTRIM MYSTIK cleaning paste. To clean dirty surfaces, it is enough to dip it in a paste and rub it on a dirty surface.

As I wrote above, the Involver disk cleans dishes, sinks, shoes, upholstered furniture well, you can even wash it without cleaning agents, but you need to approach everything individually.

If the surface is not cleaned, you can repeat the steps.

The cost of the disk is only 495 rubles, not including delivery.

You can place an order for the Involver cleaning disk on the website.

Thank you all for reading my review of the Involver AQUAmagic Ultra cleaning disc. Read also my other reviews.

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