Handmade soap Sharme — review

Review of the natural handmade soap Sharme grape.

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Today, a handmade grape soap is under consideration. This piece of soap is from the Charm soap collection.

Previously, I used liquid soap, but recently I began to notice that liquid soap turns out to be a big expense, it happens that it dries the skin and sometimes it dries at the tip. So I decided to check the grape soap, and the customers praise it.


Aromatic; natural composition; quality; does not cause irritation and dryness of the skin; beautiful box.


Of the disadvantages, perhaps, we can only note that the soap is made with a square bar, and I’m a little unusual to soap my hands with it, but this is my personal quibbles.

The first thing you notice when you see the soap is a nice box with a large glossy bunch of grapes on the front side and a large inscription “Sharme soap”.

The packaging opens from the front very easily. The only thing that confuses is the lack of a protective self-adhesive film on the lid, but in general, this does not affect the quality of the soap. 

The packaging is pleasant to hold in your hand and it is not even a shame to present it on any occasion, even to relatives, even to friends, even to colleagues.

Виноградное мыло Sharme soap от Гринвей

On the back of the package is written a detailed composition in different languages, as well as the method of application of soap. Everything is written legibly and clearly, people with poor eyesight will not have problems reading through glasses.

According to the manufacturer, the shelf life of Sharme soap soap is 24 months, this is not a small period for handmade soap.

The weight of the bar is 80 grams. When compared with competitors in the same price category, this is a very good weight.

Виноградное мыло Sharme soap от Гринвей вид сзади
Виноградное мыло Sharme soap от Гринвей вид сзади

When you open the lid of the box, the first thing you feel is a pleasant smell of grapes. The smell is very similar to the grape variety — “Isobella”.

The bar itself is located in the center and is embedded in a special recess, this allows you to keep the soap from shaking and crumbling. And also gives a certain significance and exclusivity.

At specialized exhibitions and in supermarkets, I often saw handmade soap on sale, but there was no packaging, just a piece was wrapped in film and given away, here the soap is given some importance and significance.

After all, as you know, people buy with their eyes and everything is done beautifully and for a person.

Виноградное мыло Sharme soap от Гринвей открытая коробочка

I also want to note that this soap Sharme Soap is made using a special cold technology from scratch. This technology involves the process of manufacturing not from a ready-made soap base, but from natural vegetable oils, without the addition of synthetic components, fragrances and harmful surfactants, and such soap matures for as much as 21 days.

And soap made by hot technology is brewed on a soap basis with various additives and sold in supermarkets and shops at home. According to the hot technology, the soap matures in just 6 hours.

As you can see, the difference is significant.

How to use it?

Sharme soap foams well, does not dry and does not tighten the skin, carefully cares for it. It can be used separately, for example, for the face. 

With its pleasant aroma, children will definitely like it.

As I said earlier, grape soap Sharme Soap is perfect as a gift both separately and in a set with other products for beauty or health, it is also suitable for people who choose everything natural and safe.

The cost of a piece of soap is only 260 rubles, not counting delivery.

You can order or order Sharme Soap in the catalog.

Thank you all for reading my review-review of the grape soap Sharme Soap, read also my other reviews.

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