AQUAmagic Luxe two-way autopolotene overview

В этом обзоре-отзыве я расскажу про автополотенце AQUAmagic

Hello, readers!

Today I have prepared a small review-a review of the AQUAmagic Auto Towel, which is interesting in my opinion.

I use this towel myself and recommend it to my friends. It can also serve as a great gift, which is not a shame to give for any holiday.


Double-sided, consists of two towels, absorbs water well, made of microfiber.


Someone will not be able to afford it.

The first thing that pleased me was a black box with textural embossing. Medium-density cardboard, the box opens from the top.

On the back of the package is written general information about the microfibre and about the towel itself.

Of the useful things in the box is enclosed instructions for using and caring for the towel.

Unlike ordinary rags, this towel can not be dried on the battery and washed with strong chemicals, otherwise it will lose its properties and the structure of microfibres may be disturbed.

Автополотенце AQUAMAGIC LUXE обратная сторона упаковки
Автополотенце AQUAMAGIC LUXE инструкция
Автополотенце AQUAMAGIC LUXE рядом с упаковкой
Автополотенце AQUAMAGIC LUXE

Many will say that the towel is expensive, but as you know, everything is known in comparison and for this I bought the most expensive car towel in a large shopping center Auchan for 200 + rubles. In size, it is slightly larger (in the photo, a cheap bottom towel on top of AQUAmagic).

Автополотенце AQUAMAGIC LUXE сравнение с аналогом

Taking both car towels in your hands, you can immediately see the difference both visually and by touch. Cheap towel significantly loses both in terms of quality of manufacture, and in terms of structure, thickness and length of the pile.

In the photo, you can clearly see that the cheap one is poorly sewn, the threads around the perimeter are thin and sometimes fall off.

Автополотенце AQUAMAGIC LUXE сравненеи качесвта

The AQUAmagic towel has a double line around the perimeter. The threads are similar to synthetic ones, everything is done neatly and reliably. In a cheap towel, there is only one fabric and it is thin — it will not absorb water well.

Автополотенце AQUAMAGIC LUXE 2 стороны

In the central part, the AQUAmagic towel is also well stitched twice and it turns out that it consists of 2 towels — this allows you to absorb more water (in the photo below, you can see the lines of the stitching of the fabric).

 Автополотенце AQUAMAGIC LUXE на машине

In order not to be unfounded, below I have prepared my video review on the AQUAmagic car towel.

Someone will say that such towels can be bought on Ali Express cheaper. But the Chinese website sells only fleece towels, they are also inferior in quality.

I believe that the AQUAmagic car towel will serve as a great gift for all motorists and should be in the glove compartment of everyone.

You can order an AQUAmagic towel on the website.

This concludes my review, and I thank you all for your attention.

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