BIOTRIM MYSTIK cleansing paste from Greenway

In this review, I will tell you about an interesting cleansing paste Biotrim Mystik from the company Greenway.

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Today I want to make a review of the Biotrim Mystik cleaning paste of a wide range of applications. Cleaning paste Biotrim Mystik is considered one of the top sellers in its segment. It is well suited as a gift for a housewife or a mother on maternity leave, because we all know how young mothers look after their children.

The paste works well in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the toilet, washes tiles, glass and porcelain dishes. It washes away the limescale well.

All components of the paste are biodegradable and do not have toxic elements in their composition.


Easy to wash off; pleasant aroma; safe and natural composition; washes well; does not dry your hands.


For some, the volume may seem too small; the price may seem too high.

The cleaning paste is packed in a green plastic jar that is quite dense.

The bright, green packaging, the name and the surfaces that can be washed with the cleaning paste are indicated on the lid of the jar. The paste itself is white and smells very nice.

Packaging weighing 200 grams.

On the side side, a detailed composition and method of application is prescribed. By the way, this jar can be recycled, as a special marking is indicated below. Plastic marked 5, aka PP or PP (polypropylene).

Очищающая паста BIOTRIM MYSTIK от гринвей вид сбоку

The scope of application of the paste is quite large: In the kitchen, the paste perfectly cleans the burn from the stove and grill, grease from dishes and cutlery;

Also removes stains on tiles, glass, porcelain and plastic porcelain from traces of rust;

Stainless steel items, including the sink; In the bathroom, cleans mirrors to shine and prevents fogging;

Taps and tiles will clean from lime plaque, tiles, stainless steel.

Очищающая паста BIOTRIM MYSTIK от гринвей открытая банка

In conclusion, I want to say that the cleansing paste is first of all the cleanliness in your home, which is confirmed by many positive reviews of satisfied customers.

By giving up harmful chemicals, you protect your health and the health of your family and friends. Any chemistry has a cumulative effect, and here you get an eco-friendly product.

Biotrim Mystik cleaning paste is easy to use, it is enough to rub it on the surface to be cleaned, wait a little and start cleaning. It has no abrasive elements and particles and therefore does not scratch the surface.

By the way, a small life hack for motorists!

Biotrim Mystik paste can be used to polish foggy headlights. Apply a little paste to each headlight, rub and then polish in a circular motion. I personally tried to do this myself — the result pleased me.

Biotrim Mystik cleaning paste works well together with the Involver cleaning disc.

The cost of the jar is only 280 rubles. excluding delivery.

You can place an order for cleaning paste on the website.

This is the end of my review of the cleansing paste Biotrim Mystik by Greenway, thank you all for reading.

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