BIOTRIM MYSTIK Cleansing Powder

Review-review of Biotrim MYSTIK cleaning powder.

Hello readers!

In this review, I want to tell you about an interesting cleansing powder Biotrim. I have been using it myself for a long time and recommend it to my friends and acquaintances.


Cleans well, foams well, economical consumption, eco-friendly product.


The disadvantages include the small size of the jar.

Очищающий порошок BIOTRIM MYSTIK от гринвей вид сверху

The jar is made of dense plastic, the lid opens and closes quite tightly, which will not allow the powder to wake up.

On the lid itself, the surfaces with which the powder works well are written in a circle.

The weight of the package is 160 grams, it is a lot or a little decide for yourself, it is clear that, cheap chemicals can be poured from the floor of the bucket. But eco-friendly products are more difficult to produce, which is why the portions will not be very large.

Очищающий порошок BIOTRIM MYSTIK от гринвей открытая банка

Inside the open jar, you can see small white granules of cleaning powder. What I liked is that the smell is not chemical, the powder smells quite nice and there is no fine harmful dust. Visually, you can see the difference between this powder and the usual one.

Очищающий порошок BIOTRIM MYSTIK от гринвей вид сбоку

The composition and instructions are written on the side.

According to the manufacturer-the shelf life of the powder is 3 years.

Unlike household chemicals, which contain aggressive ingredients, Biotrim powder MYSTIK consists of two components — granular high-purity percarbonate and sodium carbonate. Upon contact with water, the substances break down into soda and active oxygen.

As you know, soda softens water and increases the speed and quality of surface cleaning, oxygen effectively breaks down any dirt and removes them. The advantages of Biotrim powder are antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral effects, as well as the ability to remove unpleasant odors and most importantly — it does not scratch the surface.

In addition to all of the above, the use of the powder is quite wide. It copes well with scale and cleans almost all surfaces without aggressive chemicals.

From life hacks:

I like the way the powder cleans sports shoes, like sneakers. If they are very dirty, first you need to clean them first, then put the sneakers in a bath or basin, and pour a teaspoon of powder inside the shoes and then pour the powder with hot water. The powder will almost immediately begin to sizzle and foam — this releases active oxygen — it just breaks down all the dirt.

You can wait a little and, if necessary, rub with a soft sponge to better wipe off dirt. After that, you can drain the dirty water and see the effect. If necessary and very dirty, you can rub your shoes or repeat the procedure. As a result, you will get rid of odors, and bacteria, because they are killed by oxygen.

From the good, after washing-shoes do not need to rinse for a long time and wash out all the active substances, for the reason that they are not in the powder. In general, I am very happy with the results of his work.

At this point, I want to finish my review of the cleansing powder Biotrim (Biotrim), thank you all for reading. Read my other reviews as well.

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