Natural sorbent Welllab Liquid Eco-sorb

Review of the natural sorbent Welllab Liquid Eco-sorb

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Today, a natural sorbent is under consideration Welllab Liquid Eco-sorb. When I found out that this product was released, I immediately bought it in my first-aid kit.

Sometimes there are cases in life when such a product is simply necessary in a home first-aid kit, for example, alcohol intoxication after the holidays or a low-quality product that causes disturbances in the stomach. And here comes to the aid of a liquid sorbent that can easily and safely clean the body from negative factors.


Tasteless, odorless, natural composition, natural composition, effective, harmless.


The need to drink large amounts of water.

Now let’s take a closer look at the product-a natural sorbent Welllab Liquid Eco-sor.

A large light-colored box made of medium-density cardboard. The design is quite nice on the front side is written liquid welllab, on the back side is written the composition and instructions for use.

Природный сорбент Welllab Liquid Eco-sorb коробочка
Природный сорбент Welllab Liquid Eco-sorb коробочка сзади

The bottle itself is made of hard plastic of a dark green color, and due to this, the contents are reliably protected from the effects of sunlight.

Although it is recommended to store in a dark place. The volume of the liquid sorbent is 300 ml. Based on the fact that the consumption for a single use of the sorbent is not large, only 1 tablespoon, it is safe to say that the total sorbent will last for a long time.

The taste of the sorbent is completely neutral, the composition does not even contain sugar, preservatives and flavors, and the calorie content is zero.

Природный сорбент Welllab Liquid Eco-sorb коробка и бутылка с инструкцией
Природный сорбент Welllab Liquid Eco-sorb обратная сторона бутылки

As expected, it contains detailed instructions for the use of the sorbent and general information about the sorbent.

I also want to note that the Natural sorbent Welllab Liquid Eco-sorb is made on the basis of chitosan, and it in turn is a good filter of biological origin. After scientific tests, it turned out that chitosan has an absorbing ability, and also removes various toxic substances, dietary fats and even some allergens from the body. It stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

How to use natural sorbent

Natural Sorbent Welllab Liquid Eco-sorb very easy to use it is enough to dissolve 1 tablespoon of sorben in 100 ml of water. The only thing that always confuses me in such products: when taking them, you need to drink a lot of water.

It helps well with poisoning, with alcohol intoxication, as well as to remove all sorts of nasty things and toxins from the body.

The cost of the natural sorbent Welllab Liquid Eco-sorb is only 950 rubles, not counting delivery.

You can order a natural sorbent in the catalog.

At this point, I want to finish my review-a review of a natural sorbent. Thank you all for reading.

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