Cloth for tablets and monitors AQUAmagic Screen

In this review, I will tell you about a napkin for tablets and monitors.

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Today is a small review-review on an interesting cleansing cloth for tablets and monitors AQUAmagic Screen.

I always try to keep an eye on my tablet and laptop screen. And to save the screen-it is good to use a high-quality napkin. Ordinary wet wipes often leave ugly marks and streaks on the screen.and it is not always safe to use wet wipes on the screen of the equipment.

So I decided to prepare a review of the napkin for tablet monitors.  


Easily removes greasy stains, lint and dust from screens of electronic devices without additional liquid products.


I did not notice any particular flaws.

The packaging of the napkin itself looks presentable — black, glossy with embossing, made of soft cardboard. In the center, there is a bright red square with the title.

Салфетка для планшетов и мониторов AQUAmagic Screen в упаковке

On the back of the package, there is a description of the use of the napkin and labels depicting the functions of the dissected microfiber.

Салфетка для планшетов и мониторов AQUAmagic Screen обратная сторона упаковки

Inside the package is the AQUAmagic Screen napkin itself and paper instructions for use and care of the napkin.

The dimensions of the napkin are 15 × 20 cm.

Салфетка для планшетов и мониторов AQUAmagic Screen серая сторона для полировки

The red side of AQUAmagic Screen is rough and textured, it attracts dust and retains grease from surfaces, the gray side is smooth, it is necessary to polish the screen and has an anti-static effect.

The edges of the napkin, as you can see in the photo, are perfectly stitched in several layers, this will not allow the napkin to disperse into fibers and will allow it to keep its original appearance longer.

Салфетка для планшетов и мониторов AQUAmagic Screen красная сторона для удаления загрязнения

The cloth is great for cleaning and polishing the surfaces of smartphones, tablets and TVs. I recommend using it for small screens, and for light dirt, with larger versions of monitors and with greasy or old stains, you can get tired of scrubbing.

You can also use it to clean lenses on glasses, cameras and camcorders.

If there are fingerprints on the screen, then it is enough to wipe them with the red, rough side, everything is wiped off without much effort.

If there are more serious traces, for example, something sticky, then they can be as follows: slightly moisten the edge of the napkin with water and wipe the stain with the red side, and then remove it with the gray one. After that, small scratches are smoothed out, and the screen itself becomes darker and the image becomes clearer.

The cost of a napkin for tablets is only 210 rubles, excluding delivery.

You can order a napkin on the website.

This concludes my review-review of the AQUAmagic Screen napkin, thank you all for watching.

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