Mitten-washcloth [Nega] for body care

A small review-a review of an interesting Nega mitten-washcloth

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Today I wanted to make a review-a review of an interesting Nega mitten-washcloth for body care. For a long time I was looking for a good washcloth for the shower, but I could not find something really worthwhile and good in the shops near the house. And then I came to a washcloth, or rather a mitten-washcloth Nega.


No need for gels, cleanses the skin well, comfortable, beautiful packaging, soft mitten shape, perfectly holds water.


In principle, I did not notice any shortcomings.

The box is made of black soft cardboard with embossing. The name is written in the upper part. The packaging is nice to hold in your hand.

Передняя сторона упаковки варежки-мочалки Nega

On the back of the package is written a full description of what the mitten-washcloth is made of. Please note that the composition includes silver ions.

Small instructions for use are enclosed inside the box.

Обратная сторона упаковки варежки-мочалки Nega

The mitten has an interesting loop and it is sewn quite well. It is always convenient to hang it to dry.

Варежка-мочалка Nega вид сверху

The overall appearance is quite satisfactory, the surface is made of small tissue cells, they just wash well and gently wipe the skin.

Варежка-мочалка Nega внешний вид

The photo below shows how well the mitten is made, the threads are dense, everything is well sewn at the edges, the extra threads do not stick out.

Варежка-мочалка Nega крупным планом

The Nega washcloth cleanses the skin well, even removes the smell of sweat, since silver ions are included in the composition, they just kill bacteria and prevent the unpleasant smell from spreading.

Also, while taking a douma or bath when using a mitt, there is a micro-massage and scrubbing, which is good for the skin as a whole.

How the mitten works?

Everything is quite simple, a mitten-washcloth is enough to wet with water, put on your hand and start washing. You can wash even without gels and soap — I checked it personally.

After several washing procedures, the mitten-washcloth must be washed with household soap or baby soap from the washcloth will pour a lot of dirt. This is how a microfibre that absorbs all dirt works.

The washcloth is especially good on the road, for example, on the train. It is easy to wet it once and you can wipe it, very convenient, especially with children on the road.

To sum up, I want to say that the Nega mitten-washcloth is well suited as a gift to a loved one, friend or acquaintance. It will be used by people who strive for environmental friendliness, modern technologies, who monitor their health and the health of their children.

The cost of a washcloth is only 750 rubles. not counting delivery.  

You can order this mitten washcloth on the website.

Thank you all for viewing my review, read my other reviews-reviews.

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