How to care for delicate skin

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Сегодня рассмотрим интересную тему — «Как ухаживать за нежной кожей».

Кожа вокруг наших глаз в четыре раза тоньше, чем кожа на лице. В этом месте практически нет мышечной ткани, которая бы обеспечивала упругость кожи. В свою очередь, волокна коллагена в коже расположены в форме сеточки — именно поэтому она так легко и растягивается. Рыхлая подкожная клетчатка способствует образованию отеков. Добавим ко всему этому еще и постоянную ежедневную нагрузку в виде моргания — и создастся впечатление, что множественные морщины вокруг глаз убрать невозможно.

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Today we will consider an interesting topic — “How to care for delicate skin”.

The skin around our eyes is four times thinner than the skin on our face. In this place, there is practically no muscle tissue that would provide the elasticity of the skin. In turn, the collagen fibers in the skin are arranged in the form of a mesh-which is why it is so easy and stretches. Loose subcutaneous tissue contributes to the formation of edema. Add to all this a constant daily load in the form of blinking-and you will get the impression that multiple wrinkles around the eyes can not be removed.

Sometimes the cause of wrinkles can be a metabolic disorder, as well as diseases of the kidneys, heart and blood vessels, abnormalities in the endocrine or nervous system. If you have such wrinkles under your eyes, how to remove them, your doctor will tell you-in fact, he will advise you how to conduct the appropriate treatment.

To prevent these unpleasant wrinkles under the eyes from appearing too early, you need to properly care for your face after twenty years, paying great attention to hydration.

A good preventive remedy for wrinkles under the eyes is to establish a proper lifestyle. Exclude from your schedule, if possible, lack of sleep, overwork, contact with harmful chemicals and any bad habits. Also, stop frowning and squinting. If you have poor eyesight, it is better to wear glasses. To remove wrinkles around the eyes is not difficult, use a special makeup remover, and not just soap and water, which is very dry skin.

Do you want to remove wrinkles around the eyes?

How to care for your skin — some useful tips

You can get rid of wrinkles only with the help of a comprehensive approach, which includes the use of masks and anti-wrinkle creams. salon treatments, healthy lifestyle and daily finger massage of the skin. As for the latter, it is enough to give tapping on the frontal part, cheeks and chin, as well as stroking the forehead, closed eyelids and cheeks only 5 minutes a day.

Salon methods of getting rid of wrinkles

Today, you can get rid of wrinkles under the eyes with a laser or surgery. For example, blepharoplasty tightens the skin on the face and removes bags under the eyes, and chemical peeling removes keratinized cells, which can lead to burns if the wrong approach is taken. Radical remedies for wrinkles under the eyes — laser rejuvenation, mesotherapy, Botox, contouring and other procedures. However, all of them carry a certain danger.

Anti-wrinkle cosmetics-masks and creams

It is much better to use more conservative, but quite effective methods — proven cosmetics against wrinkles under the eyes, masks and creams. Although the effect of their use is not so lightning fast, but with proper care you will be able to get rid of age-related manifestations, without putting your health at risk.

Cosmetics-masks and anti-wrinkle creams-are based on two effects: the effect of strong hydration and the effect of tightening the skin. The first helps to significantly slow down the aging process, as well as speed up the metabolic processes, having a positive effect on the regeneration of skin cells. The lifting effect, or lifting effect, gives an instant result, temporarily smoothing out shallow wrinkles. It is worth noting that it is the cosmetics from wrinkles that combine these two actions that are really effective. In addition, excellent results are demonstrated by anti-wrinkle masks with exfoliating components-thanks to the intensive removal of the surface layer of keratinized cells, an enhanced regeneration process is provided.

Other anti-wrinkle products under the eyes

How to care for your skin — some useful tips

Are you worried about wrinkles under your eyes: how to remove them and prevent their appearance?

Use high-quality cosmetics that moisturize, cleanse and nourish the skin. When choosing eye products, check whether they are approved by ophthalmologists. Always remove makeup before going to bed, even if you use high-quality cosmetics, and give up bad habits, in particular smoking. Smoking and healthy beautiful skin are not compatible.

All cosmetics that you use should have a sun protection factor, and it is not superfluous to wear sunglasses on the street — even in winter. When using creams, apply them carefully, with pinpoint movements, especially when it comes to the eyes. On the upper eyelid, the cream is applied to the outer edge from the inner, and on the lower — on the contrary.

Comprehensive care for your health and your skin, as well as the use of high-quality cosmetics will help you soon get rid of wrinkles and not wait for their new appearance.

How to care for your skin — some useful tips
How to care for your skin — some useful tips
How to care for your skin — some useful tips

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