Why eco-products are more expensive than regular consumer goods

What are eco-products and why people choose healthy products. What are organic products and how to define them.

Почему экологические товары стоят дороже повседневных товаров

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Today I want to tell you all about eco-products and why they are more expensive than ordinary consumer goods.

The fact is that eco-products are an environmentally friendly product grown on your own farm (for example, on your own farm). Common products have different types of additives or chemicals. Therefore, when people come to the store, they try to choose a more developed, environmentally friendly product. no added chemicals. A person comes and sees that there are apples in the store and do not deteriorate, because they have been treated with a special chemical so that they retain their appearance and not lose. Therefore, a person it is better to overpay for an ecological product than for those products or goods that are in various stores.

In our time, healthy food is not very appreciated, since all eco-goods are considered a “clean product” without the addition of additives and chemicals (products without GMOs, etc.).) since the “clean product” does not harm human health. Every year, the prices of eco-goods increase, as it includes safe components that do not harm the body.

Conventional goods are sometimes made from waste products, and its composition may contain chemicals and additives of various types.

According to experts, it is better to buy a " clean ecological product” that costs 2 times more than the usual one and overpay for it without harming your health, than to use a regular product that contains chemicals and in the future have health problems (for example, allergies, mucosal burns, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, etc.).

By the way, eco-goods in foreign countries are 50% more expensive than ordinary ones, but each country has its own prices for products.

Ecological products should not exceed the price, and cost more than usual, since eco-products are produced and grown in agriculture. And also this product is “environmentally friendly” depends on what raw materials and production the product is made from.


Let’s talk about why eco-goods are higher in price?

Why eco-products are more expensive than regular products

Eco-products are not produced in large cities, they are brought from farms, sometimes the manufacturer has a lack of land, lack of state support, etc. A reduction in the price of a “clean product " is possible if more customers learn about the product and that the product is being produced. To reduce the price of eco — goods and not exceed the price of ordinary products-requires an increase in sales.

Often eco-goods depend on the composition, if the composition includes natural products, then the price is elevated. Now many people pay attention to environmental products of widespread demand (for example, clothing, household chemicals, etc.).

Ecological products can be

Certified-this is when the product has passed the checks of a certain commission and received a license, certificate.

Non-certified eco-products are when eco-products are produced in rural areas only in other countries and they do not have a specific license to confirm this product (for example, products sold in the urban market at the same price as ordinary consumer goods and household goods).

Eco-products are expensive, because they are much better, both in quality and composition. Nowadays, everyone is switching from ordinary products to “clean products”, as they are useful and high-quality.

Take for example the company Greenway  — this company is famous for its environmental products. This company consists only of natural materials and components. In the Greenway company you can find everything that is on the shelves of stores (household chemicals, dietary supplements, teas, cosmetics, etc.), only by buying any product in this company you can be sure that you will not harm your loved ones and yourself, because this product is considered a licensed, environmentally friendly product. Greenway is made of high-quality products and innovative technology, as it includes a special microfibre.

What are the goods is called the “pure product”?

Eco-goods are considered eco-friendly if they are:

- Have natural products; 

— Not harmful to the health of adults and children; 

— Rich in vitamins.

Due to the unfavorable environmental situation, many people have health problems, and to restore the body, a person comes to ecological products as they contain a lot of vitamins and in addition, the product is safe.

People living in small cities of Russia are ready to overpay for environmental goods by 70%, in large cities people trust by 40-50% such a product.

In order for the product to be called eco-friendly, it passes various checks, since eco-products should not contain additives.

Now there are many companies that produce environmental products, but not all people coming to the store notice it. And when he comes to the store, he chooses a consumer product, because he does not want to overpay money for an eco-product, because he doubts its composition. Although eco-products can be distinguished, since eco-products carry the word “ECO ‘in their name, which means’ ecological product” and have certain quality marks.

Eco-products is famous for its product in modern markets, but not everyone can understand it from the packaging and what is contained in its composition. Eco-products contain almost 90% of natural products, conventional products contain only 50%, and the remaining 50% contains additives.

In this article, I talked about why people choose and overpay for eco-goods more than for ordinary ones, as well as why eco-goods are considered more expensive than consumer goods.

What determines our ecology and why people choose a “clean product” by 70%. In the place of any person, personally I would have chosen a “pure product” because he is famous not only for its success in today’s markets, but also safe for health and has a natural products included in its composition, and it is safe for children (for example, eco household products (washing powder, now made even for washing dishes etc.).

So by buying eco-goods, you will not regret that you overpaid, but on the contrary, you will protect yourself and your loved ones from harm to health.

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