A selection of eco-products for athletes from Greenway

A cool selection of eco-products for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle.

топ 5 товаров для спортсменов от гринвей

Hello, readers!

Today I have prepared an interesting selection of eco-products from the Greenway company, for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle.

Knowing how athletes relate to the choice of high-quality products, I have collected all the most interesting things below:

1. AQUAmagic Sport Sports Kit

упакованный набор гринвей для спортсменов
набор гринвей для спортсменов

The perfect set for lovers of sports and a healthy lifestyle. A comfortable hair band, a turban, a mitten for cleansing the skin, and towels with excellent absorbent properties will make your workouts even more pleasant and effective.

Set composition:

  • Workout towel, 90×20 cm
  • Sports hair band, 19×5 cm
  • Mitten-washcloth, 22×14 cm
  • Turban, 63×26 cm
  • A towel after a shower, 90×40 cm

The products clean the surface of the skin well, destroy the nutrient medium for microbes and at the same time retain their shape and instantly dry.

Cost 2970 rub.


2. Eco Shopper compact Bag

сумка гринвей из переработанного океанического платика

Reusable eco-bag. The basis for the bags is recycled ocean plastic “RPET”, the equivalent of three bottles. By purchasing reusable bags, you reduce the use of plastic, take care of nature and support the principles of sustainable development and conscious consumption.

Perfect for carrying spare shoes, used wet towels, or for carrying any small items.

Cost 300 rub.


3. Shaker green

шейкер гринвей зеленый

Branded green shaker. Using a shaker is very simple: put a metal whisk inside, add your favorite cocktail or drink, water/milk, twist the lid, shake a few times and enjoy the taste!

Cost 290 руб.


4. White-green shaker

шейкер гринвей светлый

Using a shaker is very simple: throw a whisk inside the tank, add your favorite cocktail or drink, water/milk, twist the lid, shake and enjoy the taste!

Cost 290 руб.


5. Cooling gel Welllab Revital

охлаждающая мазь от гринвей

Enjoy life without pain. Chitosan-based regenerating gel is a multifunctional tool for reducing pain. The gel is effective for sports enthusiasts: for injuries and sprains, as well as during the recovery period after fractures. The convenient format of the gel allows you to use it in any situation. Odorless, easy to absorb, leaves no residue on clothing.

Cost 440 руб.


This will finish the selection, if you have any questions — you can write to me, and I will be happy to answer.

Selection of products