Conference " Transformation 1.0”

Record an online conference for fitness industry professionals

Record a free online conference for fitness industry professionals

Clinical and laboratory signs of endocrine diseases in fitness club visitors

Evgeny Grekov
— Appearance of the endocrine patient;
— Skin signs of endocrine diseases;
— A set of tests for the detection of endocrine pathology;
— Clinical examples.

Fundamentals of physiology

Vladimir Merkuryev

— Why should we use the principles of the training process for the effectiveness of the body?
— What is the reason that one client has a positive dynamics in chronic diseases in response to the load, and the other does not?
— Why is it difficult for a coach to assess the risks of exposure to pharmaceuticals and, most importantly, should he do it?

Pain points of anatomy and biomechanics

Dmitry Kalashnikov
— Why can’t you believe your feelings?
— How to determine and compare the load on the muscles?
— What does electromyography say and can I trust it?
— What is the exercise “on the fascia”?
— What is the “perfect technique”?
— Tense " muscle-so still pull or swing?

Knee injuries in sports and rehabilitation after them

Yuri Glazkov
— All about modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Периодизация тренировочного процесса

Maxim Oborin
— Do you need periodization in fitness training?
— Will competent periodization help to retain the client?
— How to attract new wards through periodization?
— How will periodization help in providing customers with the declared result?

Training effects for longevity and their nutritional support

Natalia Dobronravova
— The main stages of aging and markers of aging;
— Prevention of aging diseases through training and nutrition;
— Dietary support for older clients.

Nutritional support of the client as a basis for long-term cooperation

Vladimir Vasiliev

— The triad of effective training: training, nutrition, recovery;
— Food status of the client: questionnaires, tests, food diary, bioimpedance, kinesiological determination of the type of metabolism;
 — Selection of the diet, taking into account the type of physical activity and training goals;
— Coaching approach to the preparation of a diet to motivate the client.

Sports nutrition for novice athletes

Mikhail Gamanyuk

—  Sports nutrition for gaining muscle mass or for reducing the percentage of subcutaneous fat — to whom? When? Which one?
— The main mistakes when choosing sports nutrition!

Top pharmaconutrients (dietary supplements) for health and longevity

Andrey Zolotarev
—  What risk factors affect the immune system;
— Top essential dietary supplements;
— A list of the main blood tests for monitoring the condition of a modern person.

Formation of the coach’s authority

Eduard Kanevsky
— Proper acquaintance with the client;
— How to properly involve him in the process and create a comfortable atmosphere during training.

Personal brand and Sales

Vera Zarya
Dive into the theory: what is a personal brand, how to build it, what benefits can you expect from it, and will it affect the increase in revenue?

Marketing and social media for a fitness instructor

Dmitry Putylin
— Marketing tools in the work of a fitness trainer;
— Relationship marketing: reputation, trust, loyalty;
— Sales and positioning;
— Home page, instagram-rules for social networks.

Ambassador — additional promotion

Ekaterina Ananyeva-Dovlatova
— How to become a brand ambassador?
— Tasks of the brand ambassador;
— Features and formats of interaction between the ambassador and the brand.

Creating micro communities as a basis for fitness business development

Lev Pozdnyakov

— How to create a community from scratch;
— What are the key actions to retain a client who is not willing to pay for personal training?