6 steps to getting rewarded in Greenway

How to get your first rewards at Greenway and what methods you should not use to get rewards.

  Hello, readers!  

In this article, I want to consider 6 important steps to the first reward in the company Greenway, we will talk about the reward for the turnover.

It should be remembered that the Greenway company pays remuneration to its partners and distributors, for their turnover and for attracting new partners/distributors to the company.

So let’s get started:

Step 1. Product Line

Продуктовая линейка Гринвей

The first thing you need to do is to choose which products you are personally interested in from the entire range of Greenway products and what you are ready to use regularly on your own and what to increase your knowledge and expertise in.

With a correspondence review, you will not be able to tell about all the pros and cons of a particular product, because you do not know it and have not tried it. For example, how can I tell you what an orange tastes like if I’ve never tried it before.

Step 2. Our Audience

Выбор нашей аудитории

It is necessary to decide who we will recommend our products to, in other words, who is our audience? (for example: retired women or girls up to 23-25 years old or men from 30-50 years old).

It should be understood that men will not be interested in cosmetics, and women are not interested in men’s things, I hope everything is clear with this.

Step 3. Offer

Наше предложение для клиентов

Create your own offer for customers. And describe what benefits, in addition to the points for the first order, the client attracted by us will receive when placing an order with you?

Just list the items, for example:

— Using this cream, you can get rid of wrinkles, the skin will be rejuvenated and clean and smooth;

 — This tool and car towel will wash the car without chemicals, using only half a bucket of water;

 — This ointment will relieve pain in the joints and sprains, and after application you can easily walk, will not suffer from back pain and you can continue to play sports or do gardening.

Step 4. Communication channels

Каналы взаимодействия с клиентами

Determine which communication channels we will use to communicate the offer to our customers. Will it be our social media group, or will we print out flyers and share them with our neighbors, or will it be a customer chat?

Perhaps someone even has their own online blog on the Internet, where you share useful information with the audience? Or you can make a grocery chat in messengers, where you can already tell and announce and describe products, promotions and new products.

Step 5. Presentation

Презентация для клиентов

Next, you need to prepare a small presentation or review or review of several selected products.

 The more we tell you about the products and the benefits of buying with our promo code or link, the higher the chance that the customer will use this code. We describe the advantages and disadvantages of the product, the main characteristics, how the product works, you can even specify the reviews of other people.

Step 6. Notification

Оповещение об акциях

Regularly notify your friends and acquaintances about closed special promotions and special offers of Greenway, which will be available only with your promo code or link.

By the way, interesting promotions happen on the eve of big holidays.

Prohibited ways to attract customers

Запрещенные способы

It is also worth remembering that in addition to the steps to attract, you need to know what methods you absolutely can not use.

And if we suddenly decide to use prohibited methods, out of ignorance or out of selfish plans, the Greenway company will sooner or later find out about this, and certain sanctions will be imposed in the form of: freezing your personal account, limiting payments, or even stopping cooperation with you, so the company has its own security and marketing service, they monitor the Internet of dishonest partners and malicious violators.

Below I have prescribed prohibited methods that can not be used in any case, and as they say, I am aware, so I am protected.

  • Introduce yourself as an employee of the company or write on behalf of the company, because the employment contract was not concluded with you (design of the site under the brand and domain of the company);
  • Poach partners/referrals from other structures;
  • Use SPAM mailings, through the creation of one-time pages in social networks.networks. Often this is the sin of beginners from ignorance;
  • Collaborate with coupon sites and cashback services;
  • Use brokerage traffic-orders for a specific product collected from various users and consolidated sent to the Greenway company’s website;
  • Contextual and hypercontext advertising on the brand-it is strictly forbidden to run ads with the name Greenway-you can immediately wait for a call from the company’s security service with a warning;
  • Motivated traffic — monetary incentives, based on the principle of “register — get money”, although the company sometimes turns a blind eye to this;
  • Video advertising for the brand — as I wrote above, you can not advertise for a fee for the brand;
  • Doorway traffic — an automatically generated site based on previously installed templates. The goal of such a resource is to attract a large amount of free traffic from search engines in order to monetize traffic in the future;
  • Public pages/groups/communities/public posts in social networks on behalf of the company’s brand-this is also not allowed. I very often see dead groups in Vkontakte with Greenway logos;
  • PopUp Advertising-traffic that is attracted using the advertising format in the form of pop-ups that often open on top of the site;
  • Push-A method of attracting traffic using system messages that notify the user about the service or product being provided. Most often, it takes the form of a pop-up ad block, or is stylized as a message from social networks;
  • Toolbar-advertising.

I hope you have accepted the information provided above and will not use these unreliable methods.

You need to be honest with your client and he will see and appreciate it, and the reward for the work will be interest and commission. The main thing is to use the information received wisely.

With this I will finish the description, thank you all for reading and also read my other articles below.

If you have any questions — you can write to me, I will be happy to answer.