How to properly clean white things with different spots

A small but useful article on how to clean white things from various contaminants.

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In this article, I wanted to tell you how to properly clean and wash white things with different types of stains.

How beautiful and impressive snow-white wardrobe items look, it is so difficult and troublesome to wash them sometimes. Therefore, many refuse such types of clothing, despite all the festive and elegant look that such an outfit creates.

After all, one small spot, placed by carelessness, can not only reduce all efforts to hit others to a minimum, but also turn out to be a fairly strong headache for the hostess, who will have to wash this thing.

Как правильно очистить белые вещи

However, not everything is so sad, knowing how to properly wash white things and with the right approach to solving the problem , most of the stains on white clothes are easily washed off without leaving a trace.

How to properly clean white things with fruit and greasy spots

Очистка белых вещей от фруктовых пятен

If the white clothes were attacked by fresh fruit juice, do not panic and despair. If you treat such a stain with warm water, and then wash the entire product in warm water with a small addition of shampoo, then there will not even be a trace of the defective area.

Greasy spots are well treated with crushed chalk. If you sprinkle a fresh trace of a greasy substance with a similar powder, it will easily draw in all the dirt. Then the product can be washed in the usual way and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

You can also thoroughly wipe the defective area with a solution prepared from equal parts of water and ammonia before washing.

In some cases, if the necessary components are not at hand, you can simply wash the white thing with traces of fat in warm water with a small addition of detergent. Such preparations perfectly dissolve fat, so they can return your product to its original purity and freshness.

How to clean it properly white things with spots of blood, green grass, and wine

Очистка белых вещей от крови и травы

Traces of blood, wine or green grass stand out especially vividly on a white background, so their removal is very important for a diligent hostess. If after a picnic in nature you find on white pants, shorts or socks characteristic greenish stains from communication with the lush greenery in the nearest park, act immediately.

Before you properly wash white things, treat the grass stain with vodka or table salt, and then rinse well in clean water. After such preparation, the usual washing white laundry in the washing machine will complete the ritual of cleanliness and return you a sparkling white product. Washing can be arranged using universal washing plates.

Wine traces are perfectly washed off with liquid soap or ammonia. And blood stains should be treated with cold water, and then washed with hydrogen peroxide or a regular shampoo for washing your hair.

How to clean it properly white things with paint and varnish stains

Очистка белых вещей от лака

Small spots of varnish, simply remove from the white surface with acetone. For this purpose, before you wash white things, simply lay several layers of cloth or napkins under the defective area, and then pour a small amount of acetone over the contamination.

When the dye will dissolve, change the underlying fabric and repeat the entire procedure again. After the dirt is completely removed, wash the entire product in warm water with a little shampoo.

With paint, the situation is somewhat more complicated. The choice of cleaning component directly depends on the composition of the paint, so the oil substance requires a solvent, and even water can cope with gouache or watercolor.

The main thing is that after a clean cloth is placed under the stain, start slowly washing the soiled area with a swab soaked in the necessary composition, moving from the edges to the center. This method of cleaning will help you to localize the contamination and prevent it from increasing in size.

Now you know how to clean the white fabric from various contaminants. I hope that the information was useful for you and you will use the above tips in your daily life.

Thank you all for reading, if you have any questions, you can write them in the comments.

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