How to make personal turnover in Greenway with someone else’s hands

I will tell you one way how you can make a trade turnover in Greenway with someone else’s hands.

Hello readers!

In this article, I want to share with you my personal experience, how I tested one technique for creating a personal turnover using a landing page for car towels from Greenway. While studying the topic of traffic arbitrage, I thought about it and decided to test one technique to increase my turnover.

The first thing I did was choose the most popular and best-selling product.

How did I do it?

I have monitored social networks and search queries in the query service-word stat Yandex. I wrote out the main search queries and the number of these queries per month.

Ворд stat fвтополотенце от Гринвей

Then, by testing the ad, determine the audience of buyers.

These were car owners, mostly men, aged 30-35 years, single and married. Surprisingly, the girls do not react well to the product, well, except for the holidays on February 23, you need to check.

Next, I made a photo shoot of the product itself with a beautiful design and quality. I made a description and made a one-page website out of all this.

Автополотенце от Гринвей

On the site, I also made a description, posted a photo, indicated the advantages, benefits of buyers, photo and video reviews of users. I collected the reviews themselves on Otzovik, in Telegram chats.

Автополотенце на отзовике

I paid for the placement of the landing page on the Internet, this includes the cost of the domain (site name) and hosting (site placement itself) costs 3500 rubles. This is not even an expense, but an investment in the development of your asset and business. The site was made on Wfolio (everyone who registers a discount from me-1000 rubles) collected it literally in 1 hour — everything is intuitive, plus there is a manual and operational support for setting up if you have questions.

Next, I made a group in Vkontakte under the name of the product, posted 10 posts, I took them from other groups, changing the description a little.

Группа вконтакте автополотенца

I prepared 2 small videos with an overview of the towel and a promo video. Review-I recorded it myself in the car, made a promo video from my photos and photos from open sources, used voice-overs with

Next, I caught up with more than 100 subscribers to the group using this service, so the group increased the confidence of potential buyers.

In all my posts, I provided a link to my site, which closes all questions of my audience and sells-24/7.

From the site, special buttons lead to the referral link of the product itself in Greenway. It turns out that if a customer needs a product, he himself makes a decision to buy or not, I do not seem intrusive to him and do not cause negativity.

Plus, in addition, I made an advertisement for the site itself in Vkontakte through targeted advertising.

Here is a link to the post: w=wall-198903479_14

In the future, I plan to put another chatbot on the site so that it answers additional questions that customers have.

I even tested a couple of sales.

Try, test and you!

The second option — I made a client chat where I added friends and acquaintances and also made sales through reviews.

At this point, I will finish describing my actions and suggest that you repeat the same thing.

If you were interested, you can share it with your friends. Good luck to you and see you on the pages of my blog!