Why does a Greenway distributor need a website?

What the distributor’s website is for, what information to post on the website.

Hello, readers! 

Today I wanted to talk about an interesting topic concerning my website for a distributor. Recently, the Internet has become a virtual market where anyone can find something valuable for themselves. To promote on the market, you need your own resource (website, group in social networks, etc.) with an interesting offer of a service or product.

Many people will ask why a Greenway distributor needs a website, because there is an official website of the company?

сайт дистрибьютора Гринвей

If the partner / distributor will immediately send customers to the official website of the company, and not to their own resource, then the partner will promote the company that is not in advertising, and not himself as a specialist.

The personal website of the Greenway distributor is a round-the-clock personal office, where information about the product (description, reviews, reviews), information about the owner (experience, achievements) is presented, and the site is also a powerful tool for work.

The distributor Greenway website is a business card that does not need to be offered, but rather placed on the Internet, where your potential customers, as well as future partners are looking for information on the Internet and ready to join your team.

The main thing is to give your client or future partner what you need right now.

The website is also a virtual business card of the distributor. For feedback and communicate with your visitors on the pages of a Distributor Greenway hosted virtual business card with a specified contact details (email, phone number, WhatsApp), links to social networks (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte, Youtube), and also the feedback button.

Advantages of the distributor’s personal website

What does a distributor need a website for?

Below I have described the main advantages that will help you distinguish yourself from your partner competitors.

1. The uniqueness of the site. Instead of dry links, you can send a link to your personal website with a unique, exclusive design. The site contains valuable and necessary information for both consumers and partners, and contains attractive banners.

2. The registered address of the site. The ability to create a website-store based on a personal name, surname, or come up with a name in the site address.

3. Site statistics. It allows you to collect and analyze information about visits, as well as track activity on the site using statistics from Yandex. Metrica and Google Analytics.

4. The ability to advertise your site in its entirety or separate pages and individual products or product collections.

Of the disadvantages, I would only note that to create such a store, you need certain knowledge and skills in filling and creating your own eco-store.

If you want to make a website for opening your own ecomagazine — you can leave me a request by writing to any source.

We will work together on the structure and build a similar site.

Thank you all for your attention, read my other articles.

How to fill a website with content

Let’s raise the topic of the correctness of filling your site with content. After selecting the key queries and compiling the semantic core, you need to start filling the site with content. I am sure that you already know the basic rules of writing texts.

So, the text should have the following characteristics:


Do not engage in plagiarism to fill your site faster. It won’t do any good. Write yourself, or order the material from professionals, and you can completely forget about successful promotion for not unique content .

To check whether the text is unique, enter the first 2-3 sentences in the appropriate search engine. If there are no matches, consider the future content unique.


It’s one thing to add unique content to your site, but it’s quite another to add useful content to your visitors. You can pour water, and add meaningless material, but such a text will not be appreciated by readers, respectively, the resource will not be of any use-and this means that the search engine algorithms will categorically refuse to place it in their top.

Task any search engine will find the answer to users or satisfy people’s queries. If the content copes well with this task, there is a high probability of improving the position in the search results.

Text size

I think you are not going to fill the project with small articles. The content must fully meet the needs of users, as discussed above. Therefore, the volume of texts should be appropriate, and it is better to use more than 2000 characters of text per article.

Frequency of search queries

Create articles or order or buy on the stock exchange. The keyword must occur at least once in its entirety.

What to choose copywriting or rewriting for a website

Copyright and rewrite have one common goal: to fill the resource with unique content. However, copyright is copyright, that is, it contains a maximum of unique information, and rewriting allows you to achieve uniqueness by changing existing texts.

Price chart the policy of these services is very interesting. The difference between the prices of copyright and rewrite is decent. On average, the cost of writing a thousand characters of copyright is equal to two or three thousand rewrites.

It is also worth noting that the result of a rewrite is often a text with 100% uniqueness. So, it would seem, why pay more?

However , there is one huge difference between the two concepts. The rewrite strictly restricts the result to the source text. That is, it carries uniqueness for search engines, but does not carry unique information for the reader himself.

For example, advertising copywriting. Undoubtedly, you can steal the text from your competitors and perform a rewrite. However, writing a text using only your own ideas, logical thinking and tasks set for the target audience, will put deeper information into it, which users are looking for. But they should be in the first place for the development of a successful business . The text must interest the reader, encourage the Internet user to make a purchase or order a service.

If you are faced with the choice of what exactly you need, copyright or rewrite, then first you should decide on the main ideas and main tasks of the text. If the text serves as additional information, for example, an article to promote the site, then the services of a rewrite will be quite enough.

However, if as a result you want to get information that can convince the user of something, it is better to use copyright.

Do not skimp on high-quality and interesting information — this will adversely affect the success of your business!

If you want to make a website for opening your own ecomagazine — you can leave me a request by writing to any source. We will work together on the structure and build a similar site.Thank you all for your attention, read my other articles.