Cleaning the house without chemicals

How to organize house cleaning by improvised means.

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In this article, I wanted to tell you how to organize the cleaning of the house without chemicals.

We are so used to the use of chemistry in everyday life that we do not even think about what harm it brings to our body and health. Bright and colorful advertising, promises of great results, beautiful packaging, natural flavors and herbal ingredients.

Entering the store, the eyes just run away from the variety of products. All this is very convenient to use, but what are the consequences?

You probably thought about it, you were alarmed, but quickly forgot in the turmoil of the days. But if you still have a desire to protect your health, then my advice will help you.

What are safe, inexpensive and simple cleaning products?

You will be pleasantly surprised that everyone has all these tools in the kitchen.


яблочный уксус

It is an almost universal tool for washing, cleaning and disinfection. You might not even know about a bunch of positive properties. 

Do not be confused and do not be afraid of a specific smell, it will not cause harm, of course, if it is used correctly and the smell quickly disappears. Vinegar has the property of repelling dust, destroying fungus, mold, bacteria, viruses and even harmful dust mites.

If you are tired of yellow spots between the tiles, stains on the bathroom and toilet, then just fill the problem areas with vinegar at night and leave until the morning. 

And in the morning, it will be enough to wash it off with water or rub it with a metal scraper for outdated stains. The resulting result will surprise you very much on the positive side. Not only will you get rid of stains, but you will also prevent the appearance of harmful fungi.

For washing windows, vinegar is simply irreplaceable, the result can not be compared with the use of purchased chemicals, although a little longer will need to be rubbed.

Dilute about 3-4 caps of vinegar in a liter of water and use a sponge or spray gun to apply to the glass, then wipe with a dry cloth and polish with a regular newspaper, not glossy. 

The effect will be shining glass, and repelling dust from the glass. With this solution, you can wipe absolutely all surfaces in the house, vinegar will not harm furniture and polished surfaces.

Vinegar will help to get rid of unnecessary spending for the purchase of expensive products used for cleaning carpets, just walk a few times with a rag soaked in the solution on the product. This product will kill all the bacteria, restore color and freshness to the carpet.

Mustard powder  

Горчичный порошек

Mustard powder costs a penny, but it is also a universal remedy. Washing dishes, yes, you can certainly wash it with a regular detergent from the store, but it is not always safe if you consider its components. 

Imagine that it is not always washed out completely from the dishes, but accumulates on it, it can even cause cancer, not to mention allergies to the skin of the hands, rashes, itching, brittle nails and other things. But mustard powder is safe and very effective.

Dilute about two full tablespoons of powder to form a homogeneous mush, apply to a sponge and you can safely wash the dishes, such a tool has an antibacterial effect. 

It is also an alternative to vinegar if you can’t stand the smell of it. Such a powder will not bring real cleanliness to your bathroom, it is enough to leave the gruel on a dirty place at night, and in the morning wash it off with clean water.

Lemon juice  

Сок лимона

Lemon juice, diluted alcohol or vodka will help you polish furniture and glass surfaces. 

In short, for cleaning the house, you can use almost anything, for example, whitening toothpaste will return your sink to a snow-white color and remove outdated dirt, household soap is used for washing dishes and washing floors, salt, chalk, ammonia, peroxide and much more.

From personal experience, I can say that these tools really work flawlessly, do not harm your health. This is especially important when there is a small child in the house, who pulls everything in his mouth.

Also, the following eco-friendly and safe products can serve as an alternative for cleaning your home: a glass cloth, a safe cleaning paste, and other useful products in the catalog.

In this article, you learned how to clean your home without using chemicals. 

 I’ll leave it at that, and thank you all for reading it. Read my other articles as well.

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