Cleaning the house after repairs: how to get rid of unnecessary problems?

In this article, you will learn how to organize the cleaning of the house after repairs.

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If you have finished the renovation in your apartment, you probably faced a rather serious problem — how quickly and without any problems to remove the garbage?

Cleaning the house after repairs — how to get rid of problems

Initially, it is recommended to effectively clear the space to do cleaning after major repairs, namely, to fold and throw out garbage, remnants of polyethylene, cans of varnish and paint, drywall scraps, cardboard packaging, etc. Then you can start vacuuming the baseboards, the floor, the radiators of the heating system.

The next important stage will be cleaning the ceiling and walls

Cleaning the house after repairs — how to get rid of problems

If there are traces of cement or paint on these surfaces, then it is easy to get rid of them. It is enough to use specialized cleaning products or solvents. Serious problems after repairs are caused by construction dust. It is clogged in almost all the cracks, hovers in the air and poses a huge danger to human health.

Cleaning the house after repairs — how to get rid of problems

When cleaning an apartment after renovation, pay special attention to high-quality washing of lamps. In most cases, chandeliers need to be washed in several stages. First, you need to remove the construction dust with a wet rag, and then, using a glass cleaner, polish the shiny and glass surfaces.

Cleaning of the apartment after repair must be carried out in a normally ventilated room. This way, you will not breathe dust and fumes of cleaning products.

As practice shows, cleaning after repairs is carried out in two stages, since the first time to remove the dust will not work. Do not forget that even after the next cleaning, the smell of “repair” will still be in the air.

What do you need to clean the apartment after the renovation?

Cleaning the house after repairs — how to get rid of problems

Before you start cleaning all the rooms after repair or construction, it is recommended to prepare the following:

1. Solvent and other household chemicals.

2. A large number of bags where you can put construction debris.

3. Means for washing glasses and mirrors, floors, bathrooms.

4. Care products for natural wood elements.

5. Industrial vacuum cleaner.

6. Buckets, mops, and sets for washing windows and windows.

7. Rags made of microfiber.

8. Stepladder.

9. Rubber gloves, as well as special clothing for cleaning.

In this article, you learned how to clean the house after repairs.
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