How to hide Greenway affiliate and referral links

A small guide on how to shorten affiliate links

Hello dear readers of my blog!

Certainly did you pay attention to links like “bit. ly/MkLfk6” that do not lead to the site"”, and are redirected to other resources.

Why is this necessary?

First, in such social networks as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, My World, Skype, Icq, Mail Agent, you can set statuses. For example “ " I finished a free training-look at what site I made!"or “Here’s what I learned for free!” And there is a link to the site.

Secondly, some people have a strange habit of not clicking on an affiliate link, but copying it without the partner prefix and pasting it into the browser’s address bar. What for? Who knows… Probably, so that the owner of the affiliate program has more money left… But the partner is not satisfied with this arrangement, and it gives abbreviated links that do not know where they lead.

Thus, the links need to be hidden.
And it should be done through the services. The most common one is — bitly. com.
Everything is simple there.

1. If you plan to reduce a lot of links, it is better to register-it is free, but it will give you the opportunity to view click statistics, edit links, and so on… You can log in via Facebook or Twitter, you can use Bitly if you already have an account, or"Create a free account”, that is, create a new one. After that, you get to the page where in the"Paste a link here…"field, enter the desired URL and press enter.

The following picture appears:

The shortened link itself (Your shortlink), the ability to add a comment (add a note), the ability to make the link private (public\private) or share it (share). You can share it on Facebook and Twitter.

On the page Bitmarks contains all your links, hover over any of them, and you will see all the same share, public, add a note… Clicking on the i in the circle, you will see what the abbreviated link looks like, and copy it there.

On the Bundles page, you can group them, and on the Stats page, you can see click statistics. By the way, if there are a lot of links to avoid searching for them for a long time (they are sorted by date), you can enter the name in the Search your bitmarks field and find them in two clicks.

2. Another simple and interesting link shortener —

How to hide Greenway affiliate and referral links

Insert your affiliate link in a single field, click the “Click” button, and you will see the generated link. Now it can be safely distributed in any white way.

3. And probably another most common service — here the principle of operation is similar. I inserted the link and got an abbreviated version.

How to hide Greenway affiliate and referral links

Of course, there are more than a dozen similar services, but I use these three and am happy with the results.

And how do you hide affiliate links? Write in the comments.

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Good luck to you and see you on the pages of my blog!