How to get an invite link for registration in Greenway

Instructions on how to get your invite link to register new partners and referrals.

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Today I want to tell you and show you how to get a special “invite link” for registering referrals (new partners).

Anyone who wants to open their own Eco-store can start to realize their dreams only after the official registration in the company Greenway.

Как в Гринвей получит инвайт ссылку

As soon as you register with the company, you will have the opportunity to invite referrals (partners) to your first line of the partner structure. This is called a network strategy for promoting or developing your store.

Let’s figure out what an invite link is

An invite link is an invitation to get access to register on the partner program service or in a closed community. In other words, it is a special identification link that is issued to new referrals when registering with the company. The link is provided to each registered partner in the company and is generated in the personal account.

It is worth remembering that the period of activity of the invite link, or as it is also called “lifetime”, is only a day. This is done in order to exclude empty, unjustified registrations and to weed out people who are not interested in serious business.

The invite link should be issued only to the person who has decided to cooperate with the company and wants to register as a partner/distributor and conduct business online or offline.

Where will you find the invite link?

где найти инвайт ссылку гринвей

You can find it in your personal account. When registering, any person is provided with a personal account, where you can find any information on products and about the company, there you can also track the statistics of the partner referral structure, the total turnover and income received.

Next, I will show you where to get an invite link in the Greenway company’s personal account.

First, you go to the Greenway website and activate your personal account using the username and password that you received via SMS.

Go to your personal account and click on the tab — " My office”.

личный кабинет Гринвей мой офис

After that, go to the “Business” section and select the “Invite” tab.”

Личный кабинет Гринвей мой офис список

A page opens where you need to go down below and find the section “Link generation”.

Next, click on the green “Generate” button.”

инвайт ссылка Гринвей

After that, you will generate a unique invite link. You can already copy it and send it to a potential partner who is ready to register with Greenway. For quick copying, just click on the button with the “Green Airplane” and the link will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

And after that, you can insert a link into the dialog with a potential partner. By the way, the registered person will become your referral and partner of the company.

Additional information

дополнительная информация

— The generated invite link can only be used in a personal message, it can not be specified in social networks;

—  The invite link is valid for exactly 24 hours! It is necessary to warn the person about this in advance, so that he has time to register during this time. If he does not have time, then the next new link for registration can be obtained on the next day;

—  Maximum number of active invite links: 50 links. Accordingly, during the day, only 50 referrals can be registered using the invite link.

If you are not yet registered with Greenway, but you want to become a partner/ distributor, start earning money and develop a network of eco-markets, then send me an application to WhatsApp and get started.

Your business in the format of an eco-store-this will be a great opportunity for you!

Thank you for your attention and read my other articles!