How to place an order in Greenway through the official website

In this article, I have prepared a small instruction on how to place an order on the official website in Greenway.

Hello readers!

In this short review, I will tell and show you how you can place an order on the official website of the Greenway company yourself.

The line of products on the official website is quite large and interesting. But in order to make purchases on the official website, you first need to register.

Раздел продукты официального сайта Гривней

Before choosing a product of interest, it is advisable to read the full description of this product and study the composition.

Пункт описание в разделе продукты сайта

After you have read the description, composition and documents of the selected product, you can add the product you like to the basket.

Описание стоимости товара на официальном сайте гринвей

Next, move the mouse pointer over the shopping cart and select the “Checkout” item in the pop-up menu.

Как перейти в раздел корзина официального сайта

Then proceed to the next step — choosing the city of delivery, also do not forget to check if all the items you have chosen are listed in the basket.

Please indicate which delivery method is more convenient for you to receive your order. In addition to delivery by courier service, you can independently receive your parcel, for example, at the billing center. When buying on your own, it is important to indicate your passport details and order number.

Оформление заказа из корзины

It is important to remember that each of the courier services presented in the list has their own tariffs for the delivery of goods. The amounts for free delivery are also spelled out.

Оформление заказа из корзины и доставка

Before completing the registration, you must indicate your Name and phone number, this is necessary so that the deliveryman could fully contact you and discuss the time and exact delivery address.

This completes the ordering procedure — thank everyone for your attention, if you have any questions, you can contact me.