Criteria for choosing a company to work with

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a company for cooperation.

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I want to analyze an interesting topic concerning the choice of a company. Today, there are thousands of companies operating on the market, and it is not easy to find a reliable company among such an assortment.

Критерии выбора компании

According to statistics, out of the entire mass of decent companies presented, no more than 10%; 40% — companies do not have a decent marketing strategy or will close in the near future, 50% — companies in general represent scams and fraudulent schemes.

If someone told you about an interesting company or you saw a presentation or review on it, then before making a decision, I suggest that you first read a few important selection criteria by which you need to check a particular company.

Age of the company


The first and perhaps most important thing I recommend is to find out how long the company / project has been in existence. Statistics show that about 95% of network companies close in the first year.

And so companies that have been proven for years are valued much more, as they have proven their reliability and stability. Now there are companies that have been working for more than 10 or even 30 years. Fraudulent companies with their own selfish plans or companies with an unsuccessful product are closed quite quickly, because they could not win the respect and demand from customers.

Before making a decision, I always check the company with the company’s website verification service.



The second thing to remember is that the product offered by the company must be useful for consumers, and competitive for its audience.

To do this, it is advisable to first test and try the products from Greenway yourself. According to economists, in order for a product to become popular with customers, it must be in the middle price category, then it will be possible to earn money on the sale of the product. 

It is also advisable to pay attention to the fact that the Greenway company is both a manufacturer, developer and supplier of goods. In this case, the probability that the company offers a quality product increases.

Demand for products

Спрос на продукцию

The criteria of the product itself have been sorted out, now you need to understand whether the product itself is needed by customers, whether there is a demand for it.

After all, if the product is too expensive and not of interest to customers, then who will need it? Products should appeal to consumers, people should want to buy the product.



What determines the reputation of any company or product?

Of course, these are consumer or user reviews. Rational, reasonable and honest reviews can tell you much more than advertising and praise. All reviews are easy to find on the Internet, for example, I look at all reviews on the site “Otzovik”.

The main thing is not to make a hasty decision after reading negative reviews, because it happens that competitors specifically write unfounded, negative reviews, but too good reviews should not be trusted. You need to feel the very edge of the review.

Monthly expenses

Ежемесячные затраты

Costs are also important criteria to pay attention to. The cost of entry to work and the monthly quantity of products purchased or sold.

The company designates a monthly product sales plan and it does not matter how we will implement it: independently buy products or find buyers.

Here are the main criteria that you should pay attention to when working with Greenway.

This is the end of the description, if you were interested, you can comment and write your selection criteria.