Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway

In this article, I want to tell you and show you how to create a client for work.

Hello, readers!

If you have already registered as a partner of Greenway or just decided to do business with the company, I want to tell you about one interesting, working business tool — a client chat.

Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway

Why do I need a client chat

First of all, the chat is necessary for the stable formation and increase of personal and structural turnover.

Also, the client chat works well for a quick and successful start, and I want to note that this is the easiest way to activate your personal account for both beginners and existing partners.

Customer chat is a place where you can gather all your friends and acquaintances in one place, and introduce them to products through reviews and reviews. answers to questions and useful content.

It is through the client chat that clients most often come, some of whom later become business partners as well.

When you complete all the steps described below, namely creating and maintaining a chat, it gives an excellent push to reach a high qualification.

But here the main thing is not to rush, and you should not expect quick results, because as you know, there is no such magic button “Loot”, but this is one of the reliable channels.

Sequence of actions

To work properly with the Client Chat tool, you need to perform a few simple actions, the algorithm I will describe below:

— Create a chat; 
— Its correct design; 
— Mailing list with a well-designed invitation; 
— Add consonant people to the chat; 
— Daily maintenance, writing content (reviews, reviews, promotions).

How to create a client chat

In general, you can create your own client chat in any messenger Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. When choosing a messenger for your client chat, you should focus on the audience that you plan to attract and create a chat where your audience mainly communicates: relatives, acquaintances, friends or colleagues.

And so-as in Russia the most common WhatsApp, I will consider and describe it.

The first thing you need to do is open it on your smartphone yourself WhatsApp, without it, you will not be able to organize a client chat.

When you open the WhatsApp home screen, there will be a large green round button at the bottom right, you need to click it.

The menu opens and you need to select the New Group item from it (pic. 2)

Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway
Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway
Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway

Next, through the internal search, you need to add any contact to the new chat, since you can’t create a single contact without a single contact, you can add a husband, wife, sister, girlfriend, but it is best to add your mentor, he will also help with the activity and tell you when something is wrong.

And now I’ll tell you how to add a contact.

To do this, in the New Group window that opens, there will be a magnifying glass icon at the top right, you need to click on it and the word Search will appear, then just enter the letters from the keyboard that opens to add the right person.

Next, you need to come up with the name of the client chat.

Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway
Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway

Creating a client chat

The first thing that starts the design of the chat is the correct name. It is worth taking a responsible approach to this moment, because the name has a key meaning. The correct name of the chat can attract the attention of a person or, on the contrary, alienate them. The main thing is that the name carries information for potential customers. After all, as you know, as you call the ship — so it will sail.

In the name, it is best to include such words as: eco, eco-market, green, without chemicals, natural, care, care, etc.and write the resulting name in the chat header.

Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway
Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway

The next thing you need for a client chat is to add a beautiful high-quality photo (avatar). You can create it yourself, for example, take a personal photo with the products, but if there are no products for some reason, then just find a picture on the Internet in open sources in the format of Eco-friendly products and ecology.

Description of the client chat

The second thing that a person invited to your client chat will see is a description, it should clearly show the essence, show the basic rules, what can be done and what is prohibited in the chat.

It is also advisable to take a responsible approach to the description, you can use text and thematic emoticons.

At the end, you must place an active link to your chat.

An example is written below: 

“Hello, friends! Welcome to my grocery chat for joint eco-friendly shopping. In the chat, I will share with you hot information on products, provide reviews, interesting promotions and arrange sweepstakes.

In the chat, you can: 
— Ask questions,
—Share your impressions.

You can share this chat with your

It is forbidden to: spam, and insult chat users!!!
To avoid annoying the sound, turn it off in the chat.”

Sending invitations to the chat

The next step after the description, name and avatar installation is to send invitations to your immediate environment: acquaintances, friends and perhaps relatives.

In the mailing list, it is necessary to address the person by name, because the name is the most favorite word for everyone. But in no case should you use a mass anonymous mailing list.

It is advisable to allocate time for the initial mailing list and send out invitations, if not to all contacts at once, then to the maximum possible number of people.

How to add participants to your client chat

In order to add participants to the chat, you need to perform a few simple actions.

1. First click on the 3 dots in the upper-right corner, a pop-up menu will appear.

2. Select the Group Data from the menu.

3. Scroll down and select Invite by link.

4. In the window that opens, select Copy link.

Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway
Customer chat as a sales tool in Greenway

Where to get content for client chat

Now let’s see what kind of content (In simple words, content — this is all kinds of information that surrounds the user on the Internet: text, images, videos, audio, graphics) it is necessary to spread. 

Below I have described all the formats.

Product Overview — in the reviews section, I periodically make and post personal reviews of products and then post them in the chat. Sometimes people are interested to see a detailed review with a photo report; 

Product usage instructions — here it is worth showing and displaying how to properly use or apply a particular product, and it will also be nice if you list all the properties, benefits and advantages of the product;

Customer reviews. The following types of reviews work well in this content format:

— Video review, where the customer personally shows and tells what he did and what he is personally satisfied with after buying and using the product;

— Audio messages — if a person for some reason is shy or does not want to show himself (his hands, face), then he can simply record an audio message with his voice. It also works well;

— Text message-it can be used from personal correspondence or conversations with the buyer, but should only be used with the permission of the buyer;

— Screen screenshots — a format where there can be a lot of text or a fragment from a video. Screenshots are often thrown off in chats or private messages;

— Before/After — also a great option showing how the product works, how and how it helped a person to solve his small, and maybe not very small problem. You can show in the photo format how it was and how it became;

Unpacking packages — this is a fairly common type of content, it is a combination of video reviews, especially often seen on YouTube, and surprisingly this method also works well so far; 

Contests — do not forget to arrange interesting moves in the form of contests in your chat. People love free buns in the form of gifts and support such activity. Raffles can be arranged among customers who have added new people to the chat, written reviews about the product or bought products from you; 

Comparison with analogues — here you can show comparative photos or even videos of a similar product in both offline and online stores. After all, we can understand how it works only by comparing one with the other and seeing the differences;

Answers to questions — do not forget to answer all the questions in the chat of your audience, and do not forget that the buyer needs your buyer.

How to properly conduct a client chat

And now we move on to the most interesting thing — conducting your own chat using the content types presented above.

It is necessary to conduct your own client chat every day. It is better to choose the time for the first publication around noon, since in the morning many people are busy collecting for work or working things.

The optimal number of publications is 1-2 posts per day, for example, in the morning closer to 11 o’clock and in the evening to 19 o’clock, it is at this time that it is most likely that your participants are free and can take time to read publications.

The texts of publications are best written briefly and succinctly under each image. Be sure to mark up the text with indents and hyphenation, and also add emoticons, indents, and hyphenation to a new line. It is necessary to ensure that the text is well readable for everyone, if it turns out " porridge” — no one will read it. 

With the correct management of client chats, you can achieve high qualifications in 3 months, and receive a good reward from the Greenway company.

In this article, you will learn how to organize and manage your client chat.

I wish you success in your business.