Types of network marketing on the Internet

In this article, you will learn what types of network marketing there are.

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Today we will consider the types of marketing in the network business. All these models have a certain structure and types of rewards. Such structures should not be afraid, they surround us everywhere. You have probably seen the structure of network marketing, very often at the presentations of network companies draw circles, when there are many branches going down from one person-this is the structure.

1. Linear marketing

линейный маркетинг

Line marketing is a system in which one person invites people to one line (unlimited number) and has income from the turnover of the system.

Also, your lower-level people can invite an unlimited number of people to their first line, and for you it will be the second line, and so on, ad infinitum. In this case, you will also have an income in the form of % of the turnover of the second, third, etc.lines.

The main task of line marketing is to constantly expand your first line, as well as to help your partners.

Most companies, both online and working under the affiliate program, have linear marketing.

2. Binary marketing

бинарный маркетинг

The word binar means two directions, two branches. Binary marketing is a system in which a person can invite only two partners to the first line.

The binary system consists of two branches, right and left. Each invited person always invites two people, to the right and to the left branch. The advantage of binary marketing is that you can get interest from lower-level partners, even from people you don’t know.

The main task of a partner in the binar is to take a high position in time, since the higher you are in the binar, the more money you earn. It is worth remembering that in the binar, a person receives income from the turnover of the larger branch at the end of the month.

3. Matrix marketing

матричный маркетинг

The matrix system is when the number of people in the first and second lines is limited. After all the cells of the matrix are filled, each participant will receive the required reward. That is, each participant of the system receives its own matrix, with a certain number of cells consisting of entrance fees.

Each new level has two more cells than the previous level.After the matrix is fully filled in, the payment is made to the participant and a new matrix is opened for him. It turns out that the matrix is a continuous process. After the participant has received the payout, it automatically moves down and the whole process resumes.

4. Mixed marketing

Mixed marketing is a system in which several marketing models are combined, or used simultaneously.When building their own structure, a person takes into account the types of network marketing and their characteristics.


In this article, I reviewed and showed what types of network marketing exist with an internal structure. Companies themselves decide on what kind of work, and you just need to choose the company itself, for example, I recommend the company Greenway.

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