Greenway questions and answers

In this article, I considered the most common questions about Greenway.

Hello readers! 

Today I will try to answer frequently asked questions from new Greenway partners or interested people.

These requests show the search engines Yandex and Google, where people ask questions which do not always know the right answers or can’t get the right information.

Greenway Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

In this article, I decided to collect the most common questions and try to answer them correctly.

Greenway Truth or Divorce 

Greenway Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Such a request, according to Wordstat data from Yandex, is asked by almost 6,000 people. Most people, due to their ignorance, some stereotypes and incomprehensible judgments, associate the Greenway company with scammers, swindlers and cheaters.  

So, let’s see, what is Greenway really?

Greenway is a manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly consumer goods, namely: 

— household goods (household safe chemicals, cleaning, cleaning and washing products); 
— beauty and care products (various creams, masks, sprays, shampoos and soaps); 
— health products (biomineral complexes); 
— functional nutrition.

The company has an official legal and actual address, it pays taxes, there is a delivery and logistics service, office employees and technical staff in warehouses and production.

The company even provides free training to its partners and distributors, and gives them the right to travel to different countries for free. And for good work, he encourages you with good bonuses.

For some reason, many people are afraid that the company sells and distributes its products using the strategy of a multi-level affiliate program (MLM). Although many services, programs, stores, banks, and mobile operators have long been operating under a similar, but two-or three-level system (Tinkoff, Aliexpress, Sberbank, Megafon, Ozon, auto parts stores, and even some services).

If you look at the quality of products from Greenway with similar products in stores at home or shopping centers, you can see a significant difference. And even approximately similar products can be found in online stores and the price for them will be plus or minus the same.

Is the purchased product of good quality can be a fraud or a divorce, especially when they write reviews about it, shoot video reviews.

For example, I often met an analog of Greenway solid shampoo in online stores and compared the composition, price and quality of the products. In Greenway, sometimes the cost was cheaper, and the volume of the product / product was even more than the same in other online stores.

Greenway Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

And when they say that the products of the Greenway company are expensive and this is all a fraud, I want to say — if you think so, then Dolce & Gabbana are also deceivers, because they sell very expensive things, the same blouses and dresses can be bought on Ali Express for 5-10 times cheaper. And Mercedes deceivers — a car on four wheels with a steering wheel can be bought cheaper, for example, VAZ.

And at specialized professional exhibitions, they generally sell cosmetics for a lot of money.

However, there is always a buyer who appreciates quality for a good product.

Is it really possible to earn money in Greenway?

Greenway Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

I’ll be honest — it’s possible to earn money!

The main thing here is to understand that you should not expect quick results and without certain knowledge, skills and abilities, it is unlikely that you will be able to earn something.

About 10,000-30,000 rubles a month can be additionally earned by selling goods and at the same time it is not even necessary to quit your permanent job.

Top partners receive very good money both from the sale of goods through the grocery chat and the referral structure of their business partners, but they did not achieve success in 1 month, some achieved success within six months or even more.

How to make money in Greenway in the first month

Greenway Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

You may ask, how to make money with Greenway in the first month?

In general, there are several ways to earn money in the company. But they work in different ways and in different conditions.

The first option, and perhaps one of the simplest-is the sale of high-quality eco-goods from the company Greenway. 

To do this, it is enough to create a group in a social network, such as Vkontakte, and fill it with a description of products, add your own video reviews, reviews, and write interesting thematic posts or articles. Next, ask your friends and acquaintances to join this group, the main condition is to keep it regularly. And within a month, there is a chance that the first sales will be made and the first money will appear.

The client chat in WhatsApp also works well. To do this, you need to create the chat itself, add a small description and a beautiful avatar. Also, ask your environment (friends, acquaintances) to be added to this chat.

Be sure to ask permission from all people to add them to this chat, otherwise people will simply be removed from it ahead of time. You also need to be constantly active in the chat.

For more advanced users, I can advise you to make your website (for example, an online store) in the form of an online catalog combined with a thematic blog. I recommend making the site on a personal domain, so after a while you can still earn extra money on advertising and even on your products, but this is a separate topic.

For example, I made my website on this platform and now I regularly see visits and visits from search engines.

The second option: This is to receive cash deductions in the form of interest on the referral / affiliate program from Greenway.

Here, we only need to attract new partners to the company. Earnings are made up of percentages of purchases made by our referrals, that is, your friends and acquaintances buy, and you earn!

At the same time, the partner / buyer does not overpay for the product, but buys it at the total price like everyone else.

Greenway where to start for a beginner

Greenway Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Having made a positive decision to cooperate with the Greenway company, a beginner needs to perform a number of certain, sometimes simple, sometimes complex actions.

The first thing to start with is to study the information, and it will not be enough!

So I will list the main actions that need to be performed.

1. Try to study the personal account of the main sites well:;;

2. Explore the entire product line of the company, as well as product categories;

3. Buy products for trial and make a photo shoot of the product, record a video review and your feedback on it;

4. Make a client chat for your circle of friends and carefully ask people to add to this chat. In the chat, tell about the products, post your reviews and reviews;

5. Get a course on business promotion and development from me;

6. After completing the course, make your own resource (for example, a group in the social network Vkontakte) this is necessary for scaling;

7. Create your own resource, such as a YouTube channel, a social network group, or a website;

8. Fill resources with material, such as product reviews, product reviews, make useful collections, and write interesting tips on using products;

9. Advertise your resource.

How to attract people to Greenway

Greenway Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

This is probably a common question among beginners. 

I recommend using 2 methods, and you can decide which one to use yourself.

The first method. Attracting partners among the immediate environment, friends, acquaintances and relatives are suitable here.

If you correctly present the information and convey the essence of the work in Greenway, you can easily attract new business partners. There are even cases of successful family business, when the husband and wife together hold presentations, increase the turnover and even achieve high checks. 

But this method has the reverse side of the coin — a fairly high risk of rejection, as well as misunderstanding on the part of relatives and even possible condemnation that this business is a fraud and a scam.


The second method to attract new business partners, which I like more, since there is no limit on the number of possible partners.

What is it and what needs to be done? Write text or record video (useful and high-quality) content that attracts the interest of readers/viewers or subscribers, depending on your site. For content, make a thematic blog/video channel, on topics related to beauty, cleaning, tips for housewives, healthy lifestyle, children.

In articles, you can mention products or opportunities from Greenway and already attract partners through the content. In principle, this is quite an interesting topic and many bloggers are engaged in this way.

How to withdraw the received rewards in Greenway

Greenway Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The question of remuneration, as always, for many partners of the Greenway company is in the first place, and this is not surprising, because everyone who came to the company came to earn money to solve their needs and fulfill their desires.

And now sales have already started or even received rewards for the marketing plan from referrals, the money has appeared on the account in the personal account. It is worth remembering that after the 6th day of each month, the account is updated and the balance will be visible.

There are several ways to cash out the earned money from your personal account.

The first method — this is the exchange of earned points for money in the RC. To do this, it is enough to come to any nearest RC and check if the required amount is available and ask to cash out the earned points.

The second method — ask your partners from the structure to exchange points for money. This method is suitable when you need to perform a personal turnover. I’ll show you how to do it below.

First, you need to log in to your personal account, go to the My Office section and then click on the Transfer funds button.

Меню мой офис в компании Гринвей

A new window will open, enter your partner’s number in the ID line, and enter the required amount in the conditional units line.

Перевод денежных средств через личный кабинет Гринвей

After the transfer procedure, the points are immediately credited to the partner’s or cashier’s account, if you cash out the points in the RC. (I remind you that 1 CU is equal to 35 rubles).

The third method  withdrawal of earned funds to a bank account. For this method, you need to open the status of an individual entrepreneur or self-employed in the tax service.

Sign the contract on the website with Greenway for payments, send it to the central office in Novosibirsk and after completing all the paperwork, you can receive cash rewards immediately to your bank account.

Can I change my mentor in Greenway

Как поменять наставника в Гринвей

The question of changing the mentor periodically arises in the network and this is not an accident. It often happens that somehow a person found out about the company, about the product, and about the earning opportunities. Immediately, through acquaintances, friends, or even the first person who came along, I registered on the site and that was the end of it. And what to do next and how, no one explained.

It even happens that the mentor himself came to the company a few days ago, he did not really understand what to do, but already teaches others how to make money.

And it is not surprising that after a few days of unsuccessful work, beginners begin to ask the question “How to change a mentor?”, and they start looking for someone who will tell them everything and teach them.

I myself personally encountered a similar case when I asked for a link to register with the Greenway company through a friend, they did not even want to give it to me at first. But in the end, after receiving a referral link and registering, I realized that it would not bring me any benefit and decided to change my mentor myself.

So, let’s now look at the options for changing the mentor or the re-registration process.

After contacting the company’s support service, I was able to find out that there are two ways to change your mentor to another person.

The first method of changing the mentor is carried out on the condition that the initial activation of the partner agreement for 50 units was not made. To do this, write a letter to the Greenway technical support service and explain the situation. In this case, it is possible to re-register for new data.

If the registration of the partner agreement has been activated, then the change of the mentor will not be possible within 6 months. And at the end of this period, without any activity, the partner agreement will be automatically canceled.

The second method to change the mentor is to register a partner agreement with your relative. In this case, the system will not issue an error indicating that the partner is already registered.

The third method — this is a change of phone number and last name or fake data, but this method in the future may have certain inconveniences and possible problems in terms of registration of a legal entity (Individual entrepreneur), as well as obtaining an autobonus.

Greenway what to buy first

Greenway Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

First of all, I would recommend that you first try not very expensive products, this will be enough to get acquainted with the company’s products.

The most popular are the cleansing paste and powder Mystic, also an interesting line of daily teas Teavitall, handmade soap, universal plates for washing, safe deodorant for the body Deo.

Next, for motorists, I recommend trying a car towel, I have already written my review about it earlier and you can read it.

And in order to fully evaluate the quality, I recommend buying a starter kit, it already contains all the main products showing the real quality of eco products.

If a person has registered but has not started working in Greenway

Very often, such queries appear on the network, where people ask: “What happens if a person registered, but did not start working in Greenway?”

I answer — nothing will happen, you will live as you have lived. It should be remembered that registration in the Greenway company is absolutely free, we do not conclude any work contracts with the company, we do not give away a work record, we do not receive a pension and, accordingly, we do not produce any consequences.

I repeat, when activating the partner account, we move from the category of customer/buyer to the position of partner. If there is no activation, we automatically go to the customer’s section, where you can simply buy products for yourself in small volumes. If you want to become a partner again, you just need to activate it. I hope everything is clear with this.


I tried to collect frequent questions from newcomers about the Greenway company and prepared objective answers to them. Often people make wrong decisions and make wrong opinions based on unverified sources. But when there is a correct answer, everything falls into place.

Thank you all for reading this article, read also my other reviews, tips and recommendations.

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Greenway Frequently Asked Questions and Answers