Proper nutrition what is it?

In this article, we will analyze the concept of proper nutrition, what it is and how to eat properly.

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Hello readers!

Today I wanted to touch on the topic of proper nutrition, this topic is relevant in our time. Since constant stress, snacks on the run, a sedentary lifestyle-all this affects the body not in the best way.

Proper nutrition what is it

Proper nutrition is a food that contains a lot of vitamins, but at the same time contains a minimum number of calories. With the help of such a proper diet, people have a normal general state of health, and the risk of getting various adverse consequences is also reduced, namely, diseases, such as heart disease, and blood pressure returns to normal.

Why do people switch to proper nutrition?

Basically, people with chronic diseases (for example, diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc.) switch to proper nutrition.) 

People who are overweight try to stick to the right diet to lose weight. However, proper nutrition should be observed so as not to touch on problems with your health (for example, deterioration of well-being, there is a feeling of hunger, dizziness, etc.).


What should be included in the diet of proper nutrition and how to calculate it?

It is necessary to have a hearty breakfast in the morning, because during the day the body will need strength to work and in the absence of energy will experience feelings of hunger or even possible loss of consciousness.

Be sure to have dinner since you should not exclude dinner from the diet, it is better to remove high-calorie, fatty, salty food.

Those who monitor their diet should keep a diary and write down the food that is included in your diet and how much you eat during the day. Also, in the right diet, you should eat greens and vegetables (spinach, lettuce, cauliflower, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes).

You need to stick to those foods where there are few calories so as not to gain extra pounds.

I want to tell you that proper nutrition is not a strict diet that people sit on, it is a properly selected diet by yourself or selected by a specialist nutritionist who personally gives recommendations about your diet.

What foods should I eat in my diet?

Fish. It should be in the diet every day, because fish contains Omega-3 (fish oil), which is useful for the whole body (for hair, nails, skin).

Eggs. They should be consumed twice a week or once a week, but 2-6 pieces each. Eating eggs reduces the risk of nervous disorders.

Dairy products. With proper nutrition, they should have a low percentage of fat content, that is, low-fat dairy products and necessarily without sugar.

Vegetables and herbs. They should be present in your diet every day as they are very useful in general (for example, carrots, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, etc.

Also, with proper nutrition, it is advisable to engage in training or fitness.

When a dietitian selects the right food for you, he usually recommends that you completely abandon sweets or eat in small quantities.

In this article, I want to emphasize that proper nutrition is the key to an expensive body, which gives not only a beautiful figure, but also good health. Especially if the proper nutrition is selected by a specialist.

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Pectin and inulin remove toxins, cholesterol, and bile acids from the body, thereby reducing their level. Stimulate the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.

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Extracts of grape seeds, red wine, green tea, and vitamin E help fight the signs of aging at the cellular level.

Resveratrol supports the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Griffonia extract (a source of the amino acid 5-HTP) increases serotonin levels, improves mood, sleep, and appetite.

Extract of the shoots of blueberries increases resistance to visual stress.

Spirulina contains natural antioxidants, chlorophyll, and minerals in a chelated form.

Vitamin D is involved in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, strengthens bone tissue, and regulates the work of immune cells.

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Thank you for reading this material, I will be happy to answer your questions.