Causes of fungal diseases

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Fungal disease is very unpleasant, and for someone a little shameful disease. Today I want to tell you what fungal infections are and how to deal with them.

Causes of fungal infections?

The fact is that the fungus (yeast and mold types of fungus) lives in our body (for example, on hair, nails, skin). Only each of them is distributed differently.

A fungal infection occurs if a person’s immune system weakens. Also, infection with the fungus can occur in contact with a sick person (lichen, nail and foot fungus, etc.).

What rules should be followed for fungal diseases:

— You can not wear someone else’s shoes — the only way you can get infected with the fungus;
— Frequent washing of feet and feet-this applies to people with excessive sweating;
— Wear proper, breathable shoes, especially in summer.

What are the symptoms of this disease and how to treat it?

There are several symptoms of the fungus: peeling of the skin, itching, irritation, burning , and many others.

Treatment of a fungal infection is a very long process, because you need to do several procedures and drink a lot of drugs. Such an infection spreads when a person’s immune system weakens, so it is better to consult a doctor and not self-medicate.

Later, when the doctor determines the cause of this infection, he will prescribe various types of ointments and tablets (drugs that fight the fungus, remedies for itching and burning, moisturizing ointments that restore and nourish damaged areas, etc.).

Treatment depends on the fungal infection itself. A fungal infection can penetrate into the internal organs of a person and systems (for example, a sexually transmitted fungus, the microflora is disturbed in women, a contact fungus — with injured skin, etc.).

The fungus can also be in children, because they have very sensitive skin. If your child has a fungal infection, it is necessary to consult a doctor or undergo an examination by a specialist, a dermatologist.

To prevent the fungus from spreading, the doctor prescribes medications: multivitamins, physiotherapy, etc. Also, every day, treat damaged areas of the skin with zelenka, furatsilin, etc.

Symptoms of nail fungus and how to recognize it:

— The person has changed the color of the nail;
— There were stratifications of the nail plate;
— There was a painful feeling in the shoes when walking, etc.


What types of fungal infection exist:

- Normotrophic infection is when yellowish spots appear on the nails, since the disease does not spread, the nail plate changes its natural color.

- Hypertrophic infection-affects the nail itself, as this infection has spread throughout the nail plate, because there was a thickening and splitting of the nail itself.


How does the fungus occur on the feet and nails?

As I wrote earlier, the fungus occurs due to weakened immunity and increased sweating of the legs. Therefore, the infection is not always possible to overcome independently, and it also occurs on the basis of chronic diseases. There are several factors that affect the fungal infection:

— The fungus occurs due to increased sweating of the feet;

— Wearing someone else’s shoes,

— Decreased immunity

—  Injury to the nail plate or the nail itself

— Chronic diseases (diabetes, varicose veins, excess weight),

— Can also occur due to antibiotics.

If the fungus is not treated, then health problems may arise — a complication of chronic diseases; the spread of fungal infection to the internal organs , etc.

The infection can also spread from the affected area to healthy ones. Therefore, when you go to the doctor, he tries to prescribe you special means to overcome the fungal infection and cure it. (for example, lacquers, ointments, antifungal medication).


This article was written all about fungal infection and the causes of its spread. Also here I explained what most people get this infection from and how to overcome it so that it does not occur again.